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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pop Composer Jimmy Webb Reveals MacArthur Mystery

Jimmy Webb, author of countless pop classics such as "Wichita Lineman" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" plays Germano's Trattoria Cabaret in Little Italy for 2 shows this Sunday and Monday evening.

His latest record Just Across the River features new versions of his songs with help from Jackson Browne, Billy Joel, Willie Nelson, Mark Knopfler, and of course, his longtime kindred spirit and muse Glen Campbell. I had the honor of speaking with him recently. We covered everything from what inspired one of the most famous lines in pop history, "Someone left a cake out in the rain" (perhaps, the first time he's publicly revealed one of "MacArthur Park's" big secrets), to his time at Motown to hanging out The Beatles. Known more for having others sing his words, I also asked Jimmy to name his favorite version of one of his songs. Hear the full interview below.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekend on the Radio Recap

Every Thursday, Sam Gallant of the Creative Alliance shares all the cool happenings around Baltimore on Weekend on the Radio, which airs on the TMD Morning Show at 620am and 820am.

This week, Sam explores a tattoo convention, a high flying circus and indoor flowers at the Walters Art Gallery. Click here for more!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Between the Grooves: Cas Haley's Real Deal Talent

Being America's Got Talent's Season 2 runner-up may have given rise to his career,  but once Cas Haley opens his mouth and pounds his acoustic guitar strings with such surprising rhythmic virtuosity, you'll be glad this reggae-ska vocal dynamite got the break.

Still, even with the TV boost, the Paris, Texas native works like any other hungry musician, touring incessantly (he was on a bill with others at Bourbon Street last Thursday) to support his wife and two kids back home, which fans of the show know motivates him to no end.

Cas tells us why his second album Connection feels like his first and he demonstrates a surprising vocal influence this Thursday at 2pm on Between the Grooves. Don't miss this undeniable and uplifting talent!

Monday, April 4, 2011

CD of the Week: Continued Excellence From Truckers

With the "Wig he Made Her Wear" from last year's The Big To-Do, Patterson Hood started a streak of Southern murder dramas, which he continues on the title track and "The Fireplace Poker" from WTMD's CD of the Week, Drive-By Trucker's Go-Go Boots

This time, Hood, who reportedly may be writing a movie on Southern crime syndicates, flips the true plot of an allegedly abusive preacher who met his untimely end at the hands of his humiliated wife. He's matter-of-fact yet empathetic to his female victims.

A real feminine touch comes courtesy of bassist Shonna Tucker's lone original, "Dancin' Ricky," which declares to her dancing fool antihero, "Don't let the diabetes get you!" But, don't miss "Where's Eddie," Tucker's stunning cover of underappreciated Muscle Shoals session guitarist and songwriter Eddie Hinton (who wrote Dusty Springfield's  "Breakfast in Bed"), one of two on the record.

Mike Cooley's warm, familiar baritone twang appears on the made-for-Cash "The Weakest Man" while a dobro and banjo make his plucky "Cartoon Gold" ripe for Avett Brothers fans.

Drive-By Truckers songs play more like vignettes than muscular country-flavored rock songs, though they still can flex a-plenty live.

Check out the talents of this uniquely American band all week long on WTMD.