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Thursday, April 28, 2011


From 3-7 pm Resurrection Ale is doubling all Executive Producer gifts in support of Live From WTMD Volume 4.  That's right! You can help us make this compilation of incredible Baltimore music stronger by making your $100 gift now.  

You'll Get All The Perks like having your name printed in the liner notes and WTMD can help spread the word about even more Baltimore bands.  Become an EP at 410 704 8970 or here on line.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Help Name Live From WTMD Volume 4!

Can't Hang playing at WTMD's Birthday Party
We're is getting ready to produce Live from WTMD Volume 4!  But this time there's a twist.  It's an all Baltimore Band CD!  Sam, Scott and Bug are scouring the hundreds of live performances from the Baltimore Unsigned archives to find the very best tracks for the CD.  The CD will be released this Summer.

We need your help in two ways.  First, help us name the CD.  Suggest a name by clicking here or posting it on our Facebook wall. Second, become an Executive Producer of Live 4.  By making a $100 gift in support of this first-ever CD, you'll have a vote in deciding the final name of the CD, the artwork and a bunch of other perks including your name in the liner notes thanking you for your investment in Baltimore Music.  See all the perks.

CD of the Week: Fleet Foxes Take Their Sweet Time

Three years of writing and re-writing, second guessing and consensus building pays off on Fleet Foxes'  sophmore album and WTMD'S CD of the Week, Helplessness Blues .

A combination of importing the winning hymn-like harmonies from their first record and adding new sonic depth on the second, strikes a perfect fresh/familiar balance.

There's so much sincertiy and emotion on Helplessness Blues. On the title song, lead vocalist and lyricist Robin Pecknold movingly bids farewell to family, or maybe a girlfriend, while setting off on a quest to find himself and his place the world, "And I know you won't keep me on the shelf. I'll come back to you someday soon, myself."

Someday soon is now on WTMD. Listen all week and be the first to get to know this beautiful record, which doesn't offically drop till next week.