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Friday, July 27, 2007

Ned Evett

Out Of Boise, Check Him Out

The Noisettes

Noisettes are an indie rock band from London comprising singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa, guitarist Dan Smith, and drummer Jamie Morrison.
Their debut album is What's the Time Mr. Wolf?


Thursday, July 26, 2007

John Mayer Rocks / Robbers & Cowards Don't Pass The Hat To The Kids

Saw John Mayer tonight in D.C. and it was great. The man is a great musician and has a great band to back him up. Played a lot of hits and the show was pretty low key. Finished up by covering Cream's version of Crossroads. John mentioned just before, that he would be playing the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago this weekend. This festival also features guitar gods of the past and present including Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy, Derek Trucks, and Robert Randolph. WTMD favorites like Los Lobos and Alison Krauss & Union Station will be there too. Can anybody say All-Star jam?

Got some not so great news as well.

Looks like the Cold War Kid's won't be gracing us with their excellence at Virgin Festival. Aiden won the hard fought out battle between groups including Mute Math, Say Anything and The Higher and CWK. See you at the Patriot Center everybody.

Current Mood: Bummed yet hopeful

Monday, July 23, 2007

Vote For The Cold War Kids

If you hadn't heard Virgin Festival 2007 is taking place here in Baltimore on August 4th & 5th and the people at Virgin put the public in control of booking the opening band for the 5th. I can only hope that the boys in Cold War Kids will be blowing open the second day of the festival with their highly energetic stage presence and razor shap lyrics. If they are opening i'll be bobbing around like a chicken hooked up to a car battery just like CWK. The band will be opening up for another one of my favorites, Muse, I'm a sucker for prog rock, August 9th at the Partiot Center in Fairfax. So if they lose the fight to open at Pimlico there is still a chance to catch them while they are around.

Stop by and come say hi to the WTMD staff at our booth while you're at Virgin Fest we'll be broadcasting live. See you at Pimlico

Editor's Epic Sophomore Release

EDITORS, a band out of Birmingham, England, had me hooked with their 2005 debut THE BACK ROOM. I absolutely couldn't get enough of the single, MUNICH, with screeching, apocalyptic guitar and frontman Tom Smith's Echo and the Bunnymen recall. The British press, as they tend to do, latched on to the band and heaped tons of praise and the next-big-thing label.

So, how do they follow it up? With an epic and intimate sophomore release that deals with, well, death. But, dark underpinnings aside, check out this, I think, life-affirming track from Editors new one, AN END HAS A START.

Ryan Shaw Rocks Artscape

I didn't get to see as many bands at Artscape as I would have liked, but Sunday's performance from Ryan Shaw was a total treat. He's energetic, a great communicator with the crowd and his music is just so wonderfully infectious. He played most of his record and it was a lot of fun to see so many folks dancing by the stage. Ryan is definitely someone I'll want to see again.

What did you guys think of of Artscape this year?