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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Countdown to Bruce -8 Days To Go

One of the greatest things about being a long time Bruce fan is you can chart your life against the music and the changes in our society. Now, of course we all remember Bruce when he started going to the gym and got those biceps! Here are pictures of Bruce over the decades.

From 1973

This one is from 1975 when he was promoting Born to Run

Now of course the 80s were not good to any of us. Bruce Included:

1980--do you really think he skated?...it s pre photo shop, I just don't think he's that kind of guy.


We'll do the 90s and 00s Tomorrow Gang. Do you have any Bruce photos that you'd like to post and share? Do it on our Facebook Page or email to me at syasko@towson.edu and I will post here on the blog.

I think I am going to bust out my Japanese Rising Sun Bandana to wear to the show!!!!!

Remember to let me know where you're sitting. Beer on me Baby.

I'm starting to think next week is going to crawl all the way to Friday. Now, the question is....how early should I leave the station to get down to the Arena? Where will you do your pre show dinner and drinking? It's party time!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Count Down To Bruce - 9 Days To Go

How Do you know You're a True Bruce Fan?
10. You know it's Deuce
9. You only date women name Mary, Crazy Janie or Rosie
8. You have to live within walking distance to a river
7. Your last Family Vacation was in Asbury Park
6. You have shoulder pain from repeated fist thrusts during Trapped at at least 20 Bruce Concerts
5. You actually found that place they play guitars all night and all day in San Diego
4. You made a sign with a song request for next concert with a cut from Tracks
3. You actually own a copy of Tracks
2. You chalk up Juliane to youthful indulgence
1. All you have to do is look at the crowd at the show and know you're not alone.

I'll see you at the show.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simon Says "Sesame!"

It's hard to believe Sesame Street is celebrating their 40th anniversary today. Some things may change, including the introduction of computer generated characters in place of some puppets, but the show still knows how to capture the wonder of childhood.

Tyler had Harper Simon play live yesterday. I'll have him on for a full Morning Sessions that will air early in 2010. His self-titled debut (in his late 30's) just came out and it's quite excellent. He gathered some of the greatest session musicians of yesterday (including the steel guitarist who played on Sweetheart of the Rodeo by The Byrds) and contemporaries including Sean Lennon and Inara George. The result is cosmic country meets vintage pop.

Harper sat in with another famous musician back in 1976 for a Sesame Street segment on how to make an album: his father Paul. I'm barely over 40, so I feel like I literallly grew up with Sesame Street. Enjoy this little memory with your little one!

Countdown To Bruce --Born to Run

Most would agree that Bruce Springsteen is one of the most important storytellers and artists of our time. Coupling his history and ability to tap into our collective mind sets is certainly a gift. But the side that makes Bruce so endearing is his ability to reduce that collective Gestalt into something individually important to each of us.

Much is being made of Bruce and E Streeters playing full albums at the last shows of the tour. I've been to more shows than I can count but the there is a special moment when Born To Run explodes onto the stage. Goosebumps, tears and introspection collide and carry those of us old enough to remember the Stone Pony into a state of middle aged well being.

I'll post one Piece of Bruce a Day between now and the show here in Baltimore. Please feel free to share your Bruce Stories. I'm staring here at my tickets and the station has been so busy that I really haven't had the time to focus on my pre Bruce anticipation. It hit me this morning that I'm seeing Bruce IN the the Town I Live In! That hasn't happened in quite a while (DC not withstanding). I've flown to Tampa, driven to Richmond twice and left at noon to make an Asbury Park Rehearsal Show and returned home at 3 the next morning--But here in Baltimore--that's gonna rock!

How far have you gone for a Bruce Show?

This one is from the 2002 Video Music Awards taped in NYC.

To steal a line--ARE YOU READY!?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just a weekend Find

I took guitar lessons in my teens. I wasn't very good. But I did master this little ditty. I found the video this weekend by accident and want to share it with you! Nothing like a little 70s glam pop to end the weekend.