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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Countdown to Bruce -8 Days To Go

One of the greatest things about being a long time Bruce fan is you can chart your life against the music and the changes in our society. Now, of course we all remember Bruce when he started going to the gym and got those biceps! Here are pictures of Bruce over the decades.

From 1973

This one is from 1975 when he was promoting Born to Run

Now of course the 80s were not good to any of us. Bruce Included:

1980--do you really think he skated?...it s pre photo shop, I just don't think he's that kind of guy.


We'll do the 90s and 00s Tomorrow Gang. Do you have any Bruce photos that you'd like to post and share? Do it on our Facebook Page or email to me at syasko@towson.edu and I will post here on the blog.

I think I am going to bust out my Japanese Rising Sun Bandana to wear to the show!!!!!

Remember to let me know where you're sitting. Beer on me Baby.

I'm starting to think next week is going to crawl all the way to Friday. Now, the question is....how early should I leave the station to get down to the Arena? Where will you do your pre show dinner and drinking? It's party time!

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