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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Marrrrrrvelous Mouse

Hey, did you hear the new Modest Mouse track with Johnny Marr yet? WOW! When Johnny guested on the Talking Head's NAKED ("Nothing But Flowers"), I thought the combination of an eccentric vocalist like David Byrne and Johnny's sharp, world beat, melodic, guitar from another planet was a perfect marriage. Of course, just like his pairing with another wonderfully bizarre voice (Morrissey), his stint as a Talking Head was temporary....But, now, it seems the gig is permanent with Isaac Brock and company. Isaac voice cuts a dynamic, high trebled and original swath through indie rock's path...check out the strings, the rhythm guitar and the multi-layered leads on the new single DASHBOARD- thanks to a big assist from, perhaps, the most underrated guitarist of his generation...Johnny Maar.

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