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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Songs of the Apocalypse

Cheery, I know....but, did you hear about the Doomsday Clock? They just moved it two minutes forward because of the threat global warming has posed. So, having come of age during the super-sized cold war 80's (remember Reagan on during a radio interview- he didn't realize the tape was rolling when he quipped..."we begin bombing in five minutes." I was truly scared. Add THE DAY AFTER to the mix, and I truly was a child of apocalyptic angst. Here are my top 10 tunes that fueled the fear.

1. Nena- 99 Luftballoons (I'm with Patchen on this one- the German version rules)
2. Tears For Fears- Famous Last Words (sip your last glass of wine with someone special)
3. Sting- Russians (Trudy Styler gave birth to this song- at least in the Blue Turtles doc)
4. Men At Work- It's A Mistake ("We'll not fade out too soon. Not in this finest hour")
5. The Fixx- Stand Or Fall (""Crying parents tell their childrenIf you survive don't do as we did")
6. The Smiths- Ask ("If it's not love, than it's the bomb that will keep us together")
7. Bruce Cockburn- If I Had A Rocket Launcher (in a sort-of reverse, ironic way)
8. Ultravox- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (see video below)
9. The Clash- London Calling ("A nuclear era, but I have no fear")
10. U2- Seconds - ("Push the button and pull the plug, say good-bye, uh-oh-oh")

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