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Monday, March 12, 2007

Songwriter Honors Hometown With Anniversary Album

I used to work for a very similar station to TMD in a North Dakota town of about 50,000 called Grand Forks. As the name indicates, it was built around the confluence of two rivers- the Red Lake River and the Red River of the North (the only north flowing river in the US- and as many of those who live in river towns know...you live and die by its whim).

Almost ten years ago (April 10,1997), the snow from too many blizzards melted and poured into the swollen Red. Residents of Grand Forks lost the battle to save their town.

Fortunately, I didn't lose any property, but I did lose something there. But, life tends to orbit back in a good way, doesn't it? Helping make 4/7/07 more sweet than bitter is a talented songwriter from Grand Forks I recently happened on. He just put out a record to commemorate the flood. The album is called GRAND FORKS and his name is Tom Brosseau. His voice has the kind of sweet yearning you'd hear in Jeff Buckley or Elliott Smith. He colors his songs with earth tones, yet splashes them with the green optimism of spring- much like the cycle of nature that part of the country deals with every year, particularly in '97. And Tom's been keeping some esteemed company lately. Renowned violinist Hilary Hahn seems to be one of his fans. Have a listen to a recent NPR story on their collaboration.

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