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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Steve and Sarah Borges

I was in Reno last week with a bunch of other public radio folks stuck in three days of meetings. We learned a lot about the new technology affecting public radio and the new music programs in development. All good stuff....but by Friday Afternoon I had had my fill of Powerpoint presentations!

Luckily, we found Art Town, a very small Artscape kind of event in Downtown Reno. And better Yet!!!! Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles were playing for the crowd! I hadn't kept up with Sarah's tour schedule so this was one of the happy coincidneces.

The band put on an amazing show, rocking the crowd through dances and sing alongs. Sarah's not getting much, if any, radio play in Reno but the crowd was engaged and excited by her explosive performance.

After the show I got a chance to say say hi --decked out in my WTMD t-shirt of course--and Sarah yelled out about Our Emerging Artist Concert before I could barely introduce myself. She told me she and the Broken Singles are excited about the show.

Sarah told me they're really looking forward to playing for the first time here in Baltimore and since it will be the last show of their current tour---Sarah's expecting to let loose and celebrate. Gang, I hope you'll all be there--I haven't been this personally excited about an artist in a while and I hope you find in Sarah Borges and Broken Singles the good times that I do


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