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Sunday, August 26, 2007

HD Radio Makes A Difference

On Friday, I went out and finally hooked my car up with an HD Radio...the previous soundsystem, the 1997 Camry Set Up was getting a little boring for me and as a music man I need to hear my music and feel it too. So after a few dollars spent and an hour installation my problem would be solved.

What's so great about HD Radio? It's crystal clear, it's the way radio should sound, and it's FREE on the user end. A little more costly for the station. If you havn't made the switch, you might want to.


Anonymous said...

The HD channels just offer more of the same tired content. Compare HD Radio to the "personalized" music services of Slacker.com, Pandora.com, and Last.FM - there is no comparison. Reception of the low-power digial channels require AM-loop and FM-dipole antennas - in fringe areas, HD Radio falls back to analog, so what is the point of HD Radio. HD Radio appears to be dying from lack of consumer interest:


Steve said...

Well, I have to say you're half right. HD programming has not matured yet and there are lots of holes in the programming spectrum to fill.

WTMD is planning our HD "side channels" right now and we think we have several ideas that are not tired and we hope will serve our listeners. We invite input by our listeners here and through other conversations about what you all would like to see.

As for the comparison to Pandora, Slacker and Lastfm, It's pretty simple. You don't need a computer to get HD radio and you can't get the internet in your car (at least for the next several years).

I took a look at your blog and tried to learn more about why your feelings about HD radio so strong. There's nothing on your blog that tells me why you have such an ax to grind against a technology that, frankly, if you don't like, you don't have to buy.

Paul Z. said...

HD Jams. It jams competing broadcasters to bankruptcy and listeners into limited choices of a few stations owned by Big Korpseorate radio. This isn't about a 'new golden age of radio', nor 'CD quality audio', nor even about new 'streams'. This is about money. HD is a jamming system designed to wreck competition and hand total control of public airwaves to a few Monopolistic so-called broadcasters, most of whom are just shills for some very curious Wall Street shadows.

Here's the juice on HD: Older consumers don't want it. Younger ones laugh at it. Manufacturers don't like it. Stores can't sell it.

Wow! What progress. That hissing you hear all over your radio, the hiss which blocks your favorite and formerly easily heard station, is courtesy of HD radio stations who wish to sharply curtail your choices and demolish their competition not with better programs, but by the cheat method of jamming.

Nice crowd. Good news for condo dwellers and deed-restricted homeowners. If you can't literally see the station's tower, you'll need outside antennas to hear these much-ballyhooed digital signals. Oops, sorry, that's right, not allowed.

HD is a a poorly conceived, shoddily executed, fatally flawed, destructive answer to a non-problem.

It's on its way out. Your influence counts. Use it.

Anonymous said...

"You don't need a computer to get HD radio"

You are tied to table-top HD radios, as portable HD radios are vaporware, with AM-loop and external FM-dipole antennas. Wireless WiFi is available, with broadband Internet, as portable WiFi radios, which get up to 5000 stations world-wide, are a reality. The HD channel content on clearchannelmusic.com/hdradio is abysmal - slacker.com blows HD Radio away ! HD Radio is ten years too late !