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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Radio City

Back almost 10 years ago, the Dave Matthews Band released what would be their first of an on-going series of "live" records with Live at Red Rocks. It was a good-faith effort to give fans that had been taping bootleg shows for years high audio quality shows AND the opportunity to relive those classic DMB moments.

Live at Red Rocks did just that ... it was DMB raw, spontaneous renditions of songs that would be lost otherwise

It continued 2 years later with Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Live from Luther College. Another double-disc ... but this time - the intimate side of Dave and the "out of this freaking world" guitar work of the Tim Reynolds.

The catalog of live shows has soared to 16 albums (at time a total of 4 CDs per show!).

Even for the most hardcore DMB fans - how many versions of "Warehouse" does one need in their collection?

Well, nearly 10 years since the release of Live at Red Rocks - Dave answers critics with Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Live at Radio City. Perhaps, unpredictably, time just called for a Dave & Tim record ... but for over 2 hours, pure bliss.

2 reasons to buy ... listen ... emerge yourself in Live from Radio City.
Reason Numero Uno: Tim Reynolds. Buy the CD ... listen to it ... buy the DVD ... watch it - in that order. You won't believe what you hear - then your eyes will confirm what your ears just relayed to you.
Reason Numero Duos: Dave's singing. Where at times in the early days, it sounded like his voice owned him (and believe me, that was part of the intrigue) ... he clearly owns his own voice now. His range ... his control ... is inspiring.

Two men on a great platform infront of thousands ... but believe me, when you listen to Live from Radio City, it'll just be the 3 of you.

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