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Friday, September 21, 2007

Baltimore Unsigned Video Footage

Our Guest this past monday evening was local veteran musician E. Joseph. E.joseph is the nom de plume of songwriter Ed Neenan, founder/co-founder of bands such as Fiction Bridge, Sunday Cannons, 360 Loose, Bunny and Von Stella. Hes also been a touring and studio "gun for hire" for major indie label power-poppers Splitsville and Mryacle Brah. While driving his various band projects throughout the late 80s and most of the 90s, Neenan supported many noteworthy and musically influential touring artists from The Church, The Lucy Show and The Connells to Throwing Muses, The Soup Dragons, Dumptruck, Tommy Keene, and The Judy Bats. Albeit a bit less pop in nature, e.joseph delves into somewhat more introspective themes in songs like Low Flying Aircraft, The Necessary Evil, and Aint Life Grand? Recorded and co-produced at Invisible Sound Studios with Dave Nachodsky, "Absinthe Minded" is at its sonic best when e and studio band members Joe Klompus (Jack Drag, Blake Hazzard) and Dave Buckner (Rocket Transfer Warehouse) lift the songs out of alt-folkdom and make a valid case for a strong mid-tempo rock recording that deserves an engaged listen. Here is a little video footage shot in the WTMD Studio by David Daniel, This is a song called Antenna.

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