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Sunday, September 30, 2007

When Rock Stars Get Political

I haven't finished watching the whole Bruce Springsteen concert from the Today Show yet. I'm finding watching it in pieces extends the Bruce-phoria a bit!.

But I came accross this part of it on You Tube and it sparked an often debated subject in my home with some of my friends. Muscians using the stage to make political statements. For me, I think most music is political and makes social comments. I don't see the difference between singing about your beliefs from the stage and talking about them from the stage. After all, if you disagree or don't think politics and music mix, no one twisted your arm to buy the ticket or listen to the music. With Bruce, you know what you're getting.

Many of my friends disagree, saying that they are paying for the music and not the commentary. The artist should respect that and just sing, letting the music speak for itself.

I think the public is most surprised when the artist making the statement isn't known for politically themed music. I think that is one element that contributed to the Dixie Chicks' debacle; Few expected it.

What do you think?

Here is what Bruce said on the Today Show:

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