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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oasis and Jamiroquai follow Radiohead's lead

By now I'm sure you've heard that you can purchase Radiohead's new album online for as much as you're willing to spend. Well Oasis and Jamiraquai just announced that they will be doing something very similar, providing the album for free digital download. Following these announcements page views skyrocketed on the websites. (What a great way to grab attention of the public)

If you're like me, you are wondering where am I going to pay more for getting this free music? Well the bands plan on making their money in concert tickets and other merchandise, afterall this is where bands make their loot these days.

Another issue brought up in this idea of free downloading is CD sales have plummeted and it's not that necessary for a band to be backed by a record label if they can produce their own cd, release it free on the internet then tour and make a lot of money doing so. Cut out the middle man. I'm starting to like this idea...more bands might jump on this trend, meaning we can enjoy music at home and on our iPods and all that good stuff and then go see them live knowing what we are supporting.

Let's see what happens, in the mean time enjoy this new video from Oasis, Lord Don't Slow Me Down

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Legendary Lovett said...

So this just in...I am the proud owner of Radiohead's new album...and let's just say you truly can name your own price and get the album, pretty cool man.