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Monday, November 26, 2007

Keep The Fires Burning For Joe Strummer

It was a real nice surprise over the weekend to find the Julien Temple-directed documentary Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten playing in my cable on demand movie section.

The film has only been in limited theatrical release in the US since early this month and I don't believe it has come to Baltimore yet. It should, though.

I just have to tell you how profoundly moved I was by the story of how Joe, son of an Indian immigrant father and Scottish Highlands mum, truly felt for people and their plights (just hear STRAIGHT TO HELL). From his days as the leader of a squatter movement in London (and the formation of his first band The 101'ers) to his post-Clash days creating campfire communities, Joe forever wanted to be in touch with people and spread the news as he did in The Clash. Scenes of collaboartors and fans who sit and strum at campfires around the world in the film to share stories of Joe, I think, are some of the best movie moments this year.

Speaking of "The News," Joe found kindred spirits in musicians who spread street-level information, be it indigenous musicians from Latin America or rap reporters from the streets of New York.

Check out the trailer for the film and an appearance by the Clash on the Tom Snyder show from Sandinista! era 1981...and fire up the fires for Joe sometime and write your own future.

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Thefunksobruva said...

Thanks Erik. Seems the lawyers musta yanked down the videos already...