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Monday, February 25, 2008

Music Lovers Triumph....for Once!

The, now, real life couple who symbolized the joy and hard work of making music for arts sake....ruled at the Oscars last night, at least in the Original Song category. Congratulations to Glen and Marketa!

...and if you still have a dry eye, maybe this will open the floodgates:


Tom said...

I agree, that was the coolest moment I have ever seen at the Oscars, two people who it for the music, not the money or fame, and still have not lost their innocence to the glitz machine.
T.S. Bowie, MD

Anonymous said...

I have the soundtrack and I'd love to hear WTMD play some of the tracks, including Falling Slowly and When Your Mind's Made Up. Truly a haunting set of songs that really get under your skin. The movie is great, too.

Starbuckeroo said...

Since watching the movie two weeks ago I have discovered Hansard's earlier band - The Frames - and the 1996 album, Fitzcarraldo. Then his and Marketa's The Swell Season. Their music seems to impel me forward thru space/time - That's the only way I can explain its effect. Push instead of pull. I'm surprised that I haven't heard their music before this. I hope the Jockeys at TMD give them more play time.
And it was great of Jon Stewart to have Marketa have the time to give her acceptance speech.