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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something Old...

And something NEW. Was so psyched to have They Might Be Giants in the countdown today. Their 3rd album Flood made it to #175.
I love the humor that John and John bring together and it reminded me of their first step into a younger market when they lent some songs to Tiny Toons. This was a cartoon for kids out in the early '90s. Here's one of the animated videos for Istanbul(Not Constantinople)...

Since this They Might Be Giants have done a few full-length kids albums. Their latest came out at the beginning of February with a DVD full of videos. From
Here Comes the 123s this is 'Nonagon.'

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John Foz said...

They Might Be Giants does the theme song for Higglytown Heroes - it's nice to listen to them in the morning, singing a song that my 3 year old loves and remembering when I was in college and first heard Don't Let's Start.