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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Kate Bush Anniversary

When you turn 40, as I begrudgingly have this year (like I had a choice), other notable benchmarks- save for the day you were born- often get overlooked.

Just for kicks today, I almost instinctively searched YouTube for Kate Bush's performance of "Wuthering Heights" on Tops of the Pops (having spent some impressionable time over in the novel's setting, Yorkshire) and realized that song which, despite my lack of interest in Bronte novels, came out thirty years ago! And Kate was the first woman in UK chart history to write and perform a song that topped the charts.

As a kid, I had know idea who Heathcliff was or why Kate/Cathy would want climb through his window, but somehow, while watching the late TOTP, her operatic voice and sincerity (or was it self-parody?) spoke to me...and still does.

Do you notice a striking resemblance to Regina Spektor?

1 comment:

Ron said...

Did you turn 40 on the 15th?
Hard to imagine this was from the 70's.
I'm glad you posted this, I found it very interesting.