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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

American Wins World Air Guitar Championships

Okay first off who has heard of this championship? Not me, until now...American Air Rocker Hot Lixx Hulahan...I'm hoping thats a stage name, beat 20 other contendors to become the 2008 World Air Guitar Champion, the Championship is in it's fifth year now.

Well we've all jammed on our air guitar during our favorite rock and jam solos. If you haven't you might be lying, but that's okay. I'll shamelessly admit I also sing in my car and play drums on my steering wheel or desk or lap or you, but nobody seems to play air guitar like this American...maybe you can get ready for next years championship! By the way have you seen the Air Guitar Shirt? Make your fantasy a reality, that video is below this one.

What's your favorite song to play air guitar on?

Air Guitar Shirt

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Amy said...

I've actually known about this contest for a few years. Some friends back in DC would go to the qualifiers at the 9:30 club. People dress up and go crazy. Apparently a lot of fun.