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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Mighty Mighty Duke Spirit

Just got finished talking with Leila Moss of The Duke Spirit- they're playing the Ottobar tonight and they were kind enough to let us plug into their sound check for this Friday's Morning Sessions.

Their second album Neptune brings the melancholy and wetness of London (water is a recurring theme) to the Mojave Desert, where they layed down tracks. It's a thrilling paradox!

But, despite some subtle touches on some of the more ballady numbers- on "Wooden Heart," you can almost hear the dew glistening off guitar strings- Leila, Ollie, Luke, Dan, and Toby tear it up with their mystical, meaty rock. Leila Moss could have stood in for the Doors or the Cult, the way she lays it out- with her sensual "ooohs" and that commanding tambourine (have you ever heard of someone commanding a tambourine?) doesn't hurt either.

I wish you could have heard them sound checking, but you still can Friday at 9am!

Check out the brass on "Lassoo."

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