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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Radiohead in Camden NJ

I still am taking in everything i saw tuesday night at the susquehanna bank center in camden NJ. After Grizzly Bear finished their set, the countdown to Radiohead had begun. A beautiful evening, much unlike the show at nissan where flooding caused many concert goers to miss the entire set. Tickets to tuesdays show were given to many of the fans that were un-lucky enough to miss the nissan show. For me, the two hour drive to camden NJ, the 45 minute wait to park, 8 dollar beers, and packed house were all well worth it as Radiohead took the stage and opened up with "15 step" from In Rainbows. Their entire set plus double encore was nothing short of amazing. They played a bunch of songs from In Rainbows, as well as older tunes like Kid A and many others. Here is a clip of the amazing light show and one of my favorite songs "Climbing up the Walls".

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