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Monday, January 12, 2009

Jenny Lindfors: Shamrock Sublime

While we're on the subject of our new CD of the Week from the Guggenheim Grotto, I wanted to share more of that gorgeous female voice that comes in three quarters of the way through "Fee Da Da Dee."

Her name is Jenny Lindfors, and like Mick and Kevin, she comes from the talented ranks of folk-oriented musicians out of Dublin, who often-times perform in front of each other at clubs like the one in the video.

So, if you think Glen and Marketa, Damien and Lisa, heck even Rodrigo and Gabriella, make Dublin a romantic corner of the world when it comes to beautiful harmonies, instrumental prowess and heartfelt songs, add Jenny's 70's Southern California vibe to the list.


Check out this live version "Timewarp," which appears on Jenny Lindfors recent album, When the Night Time Comes.

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