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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mix Tape Thursday, 2/26/09

Our listeners take over the airwaves with three-to-five song sets all day Thursday. Check out a new mix tape every hour.

Plus, we wrap up the day with a celebrity mix tape from the Bacon Brothers starting at 8 p.m.

Submit your mixtape today. Here's today's lineup:

6 a.m. Leslie Eckard

I call this my War and Peace mix. It's about having your own mind and not letting others rule your thoughts, and being open-minded and seeking a peaceful solution to things instead of trying to get your own way.
  • "Zor and Zam," by The Monkees
  • "They," by Jem
  • "Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong," by Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • "Philosophia," by Guggenheim Grotto
  • "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," by Tears for Fears

7 a.m. Brandon Hurley

These songs make me think of the financial crisis. We started with the flood of consumerism and high expectations, which have all come crashing down.

We all try to escape through different ways. Some react with medication, some pine for "good old days," others just try to deal with life and try to hang on to hope of a better place. But, at these times we all need to rally around each other.
  • "First Day," by The Futurehead
  • "Interesting Drug," by Morrissey
  • "Compositions for the Young and Old," by Bob Mould
  • "Fast Car," by Tracy Chapman
  • "Under Pressure," by David Bowie
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8 a.m. Peter Ochano

It's almost spring! Let's have some songs about trees!
  • "I am a Tree," by Guided by Voices
  • "Fake Plastic Trees," by Radiohead
  • "Evergreen," by The Fiery Furnaces
  • "Apple Orchard," by Beach House
  • "One Tree Hill," by U2

9 a.m. Steve Moles

All of these songs have a great groove but the artists are very different.
  • "And She Was," by Talking Heads
  • "Action Speaks Louder than Words," by Galactic
  • "Too Damn Funky," by Tom Principato
  • "Hello, Bonjour," by Michael Franti and Spearhead
  • "Wake Up," by The Neville Brothers

10 a.m. Michael McLaughlin

Songs (and a singer) referencing wolves.
  • "The Hungry Wolf," by X
  • "Wolves," by Iron & Wine
  • "Furr," by Blitzen Trapper
  • "Will the Wolf Survive?," by Los Lobos
  • "Spoonful," by Howlin' Wolf

11 a.m. Nikole DiVito

These are my sad, heartbreak songs.
  • "Wicked Way," by Benjamin Taylor
  • "Wash Away," by Matt Costa
  • "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell," by The Flaming Lips
  • "ATL," by Butch Walker
  • "You Can Do Better than Me," by Death Cab for Cutie
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12 p.m. Charles Pekor

It's a mix of great tunes, a couple of which WTMD has turned me onto in recent years, and it's a mix of some trippy grooves interspersed by rockin' tunes from great bands. Just great music that fits my alma mater's station's style!
  • "Rebellion (Lies)," by Arcade Fire
  • "Eple," by Royskopp
  • "Have You Once Recalled the Days?" by Warren Zanes
  • "What Are You Afraid Of," by West Indian Girl
  • "Valerie," by The Zutons

1 p.m. Kristin Symes

These are pretty much my top five favorite songs right now. I picked them because they are a great mix from a variety of different genres, with a progression from upbeat to soft and chill.
  • "If She Wants Me," by Belle and Sebastian
  • "Something to Talk About," by Bonnie Raitt
  • "Staple It Together," by Jack Johnson
  • "Give It Away," by Zero 7
  • "Day Dreaming," by Lupe Fiasco and Jill Scott

2 p.m. Keith Pozanek

The "x" files + god & the devil. Most of these excellent songs received little or no airplay.
I am a closet DJ.
  • "True Love," by X
  • "X & Y," by Coldplay
  • "Dear God," by XTC
  • "Devil Inside," by INXS
  • "We're Having Much More Fun," by X
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3 p.m. Robert Buckley

The theme may be obvious: all women! I think this lineup would go over well, and I love Ms. Sara's tune for local flavor.
  • "9 to 5," by Ms. Sara and The Help
  • "Lonely Love," by Juliana Hatfield
  • "Hurt So Bad," by Susan Tedeschi
  • "Rehab," by Amy Winehouse

4 p.m. Mary Thomas

Representative of the darker side of love and relationships.
  • "We Both Go Down Together," by The Decemberists
  • "Fly," by Moxy Fruvous
  • "Cold Kisses," by Richard Thompson
  • "Break Your Heart," by Barenaked Ladies

5 p.m. Amanda Krotki

These are all songs from Cameron Crowe movies and we're overdue for a really great new film from him.
  • "I Can't Get Next to You," by The Temptations, Elizabethtown
  • "Vanilla Sky," by Paul McCartney, Vanilla Sky
  • "Tiny Dancer," by Elton John, Almost Famous
  • "Dyslexic Heart," by Paul Westerberg, Singles
  • "In Your Eyes," by Peter Gabriel, Say Anything

6 p.m. Laura McGuire

These are all artists I've seen live in the past year, courtesy of WTMD: emerging artist concerts, First Thursdays, member concerts, Baltimore Unsigned tapings, in-studio performances.

You guys bring great music to Baltimore!
  • "Stop and Think It Over," by Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles
  • "Good Day," by Jukebox the Ghost
  • "Emancipated Minor," by Ani Difranco
  • "Frera," by Fools & Horses
  • "A Little Bit of Riddim," by Michael Franti and Spearhead
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