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Thursday, February 12, 2009

WTMD's Mixtape Thursday

We've put together your Mixtape submissions this week, see below when your mixtape will play. Didn't make it on this weeks playlist? Make your submission for next week at wtmd.org...Tune in tonight at 8pm when Jason Isbell takes over the Thursday Night Mixtape!

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6AM James Seiber - I chose 4 songs from 4 bands that I currently feel deserve a lot of attention in Baltimore, as well as being songs that aren't always the first played by the bands but are equally as amazing. Ending Of Course with my favorite Thievery song of all time.

7AM Amanda K. - It's almost Valentine's Day!

8AM Brian G. - WTMD has introduced me to these artists and I have since bought and enjoy the albums, this playlist represents the new musical pleasures WTMD provides.

9AM Tom S. - It is all about money and in this glabal recession, everyone can use some. I also tried to incorporate some "thievery" into it as well, as evident in the lyrics to songs #2 and 3.

10AM Elana N. - Women with strong voices and serious relationship issues.

11AM Rachel Wilkinson - They're super easy to groove to. Chill and tight, but they go forever.

12PM Stuart Stahl - All five are high energy tunes. Great for beginning your day while commuting on the MARC, hitting the gym, or drowning out the noise during the return trip home on the MARC.

1PM Jenny O. - A "Killer" Mixx :)

4PM Jim Lord - Listen to these songs on late night drives. Perfect driving music.

5PM Chris Coxen - This is the story of me and my lady. She lived in SF for two years and we had a long distance roller coaster romance. The first track is self explanatory. The second track was something I listened to at the airport. The third is a song I sung to her on the streets of SF. The fourth represents our move to B-More. The final track is a nod to our child which we are expecting in August. I love my lady.

6PM Keith Zumbrun - Musical offspring of their even more musical parents

7PM Mark Gordon - They all represent our neverending struggle to find ourselves and purpose and all our efforts to make a difference to the ourselves and the people around us.

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