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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: Time Traveler

One of the things that strikes me about Michael Jackson was his ability to be relevant to three generations.

For Boomers, the late 60's and early 70's brought a little R & B levity to a turbulent time with "Rockin Robin" and "ABC."

Gen X'ers came of age during "Thriller" and not since Willy Wanka was magic so believable.

And for Millennials it's "Smooth Criminal" (and that includes the Alien Ant Farm version) and "Scream" with sister Jane (the most expensive video of all time) . Even Sri Lankan/Anglo rap star M.I.A. said that two of the first English words she learned was Michael and Jackson.

Unfortunately, we all can claim the era of the last decade when all the wacky behavior and legal troubles emerged.

I think the thing we'll all grasp someday, if not now, is just the way Michael spoke to our childhoods and the collective possibilities of each generation. No entertainer in history had that kind of power.

Below is a soft drink ad and some videos that speak to Michael Jackson's ability to span the decades and time forever.

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