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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mix Tape Thursday, 7/16/09

WTMD listeners take over the airwaves with three-to-five song sets on Thursday.

6 a.m. Kaitlin Schrote

The 2007 Virgin Music Festival created a musical bonding experience between my mom and me. I went to the festival with my college roommate. After returning home the first day, we sat in the kitchen discussing the musicians and bands with my mom.

When we mentioned how we saw so many people of her generation arriving to see the Police, she told me that she had seen the Police back when she was young and single. I was shocked. We had never talked about the concerts she had gone to when she was young. How could my mom have been this cool?

I asked her about other concerts she had been to and all of these musical memories from the late 70s and early 80s poured out. The Police, Peter Gabriel (twice), Billy Idol, U2 (when the Edge had hair!), the Who, the list went on and on.

This mixtape is composed of songs that my mom saw in concert and reminds me of the night I became aware of just how amazing my mom is.

* "So Lonely," by The Police
* "Solsbury Hill," by Peter Gabriel
* "I Will Follow You," by U2
* "Who Are You," by The Who
* "Dancing With Myself," by Billy Idol

8 a.m. Meg Bowen

My playlist theme is WTMD Baltimore Unsigned Artists that should be playing at Virgin Fest. They are all excellent musicians whose music is best enjoyed live on a big stage with the beats of their songs pumping through you from those giant speakers.

* "The Therapy," by Fools & Horses
* "It’s Painless," by Tim Kaye
* "Equity" by Tears of Mars
* "Talk to Me," by David Andrew Smith

10 a.m. Kenny Friedman

In honor of the Virgin Mobile Music Festival, I have chosen songs/artists that feature the words Virgin, Mobile, Music and Festival. The added bonus is that Good Charlotte hails from Maryland and got their big break on the locals stage at the now defunct HFStival.

* "Rich Girls," by The Virgins
* "Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again," by Bob Dylan
* "Exit Music (For a Film)," by Radiohead
* "Festival Song," by Good Charlotte

12 p.m. Jessica Hanson

I have a very fond memory of driving to NC with three of my pals visiting from Scotland and we just belted out songs the entire way. It was a great wee sing-song.

* "Take Me Out," by Franz Ferdinand
* "Mardy Bum," by Arctic Monkeys
* "She Moves In Her Own Way," by The Kooks
* "These Streets," by Paolo Nutini
* "Chelsea Dagger," by The Fratellis

4 p.m. Natalie Neill

These are some of my favorite Canadian artists.

* "Rebellion," by The Arcade Fire
* "Look Up," by Stars
* "I Feel It All," by Feist
* "Burn Your Life Down," by Tegan And Sara
* "Tessellate," by Tokyo Police Club

6 p.m. Zoe Wais

These songs represent what WTMD means to me. It's because of this radio station that I even know the bands on my playlist exist, and even more than that, they've become some of my favorite bands. All the bands in my playlist are totally original and under appreciated!

* "Old, Old Fashioned" by Frightened Rabbit
* "Orange Shirt," by Discovery
* "Make Light," by Passion Pit
* "Jenny, Don’t Be Hasty," by Paolo Nutini
* "Looking for Shelter," by Good Old War

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