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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mix Tape Thursday, 7/23/09

WTMD listeners take over the airwaves with three-to-five song sets on Thursday.

7 a.m. Atara Ziffer

As I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks, I really only have one thought on my mind.

* "Sleeping Lessons," by The Shins
* "Golden Slumbers," by The Beatles
* "Dreams," by The Allman Brothers Band
* "Asleep," by The Smiths
* "Narcolepsy," by Ben Folds Five

9 a.m. Greg Fagula

Oooooos, Aaaaaaaaaahs, and Ladi Das.

* "Love Dog," by TV On The Radio
* "Wake Up," by Arcade Fire
* "Ode to LRC," by Band Of Horses

11 a.m. Christine Catramados

Thanks to WTMD, these are some of the songs I knew all the words to at the 2007 Virgin Fest!

* "Missed The Boat," by Modest Mouse
* "All My Friends," by LCD Soundsystem
* "The Book I Write" by Spoon
* "Summer In The City," by Regina Spektor
* "Back To Black," by Amy Winehouse

1 p.m. Lauren Seserko

These songs are my favorite this summer, and if I was to spend a summer day at a festival, this is what I'd want to hear!

* "Two Weeks," by Grizzly Bear
* "Little Secrets," by Passion Pit
* "I Cut Like A Buffalo," by The Dead Weather
* "French Navy," by Camera Obscura
* "Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked," by Cage The Elephant

4 p.m. Tina Zeller

I'm an avid concert goer but for some reason the stars have not quite aligned for me to attend any of the past Virgin Fests. This year I'm ready and able but without tickets. I love the lineup and one of the featured artists, Public Enemy, takes me back to my college days when I hosted my own weekly radio show.

I remember one occasion in particular when I decidedly became non compliant with our Top 40 dinner hour format. I blared Public Enemy's "Bring The Noise" over the campus airways into the cafeteria much to the dismay of our station manager. I danced around the booth and thrashed my head to the bustin’ rap beat and loved every minute of it.

Luckily, I was able to maintain my DJ status and my friends who were in the cafeteria lauded my little musical stunt- “Bass, how low can you go!” Here are some of my favorite tunes from this year’s Virgin Fest lineup.

* "Bring The Noise," by Public Enemy
* "Mistaken For Strangers," by The National
* "Sequestered in Memphis," by The Hold Steady
* "Surf Wax America," by Weezer
* "No You Girls," by Franz Ferdinand

7 p.m. Will Norris

All of these songs always put me in a great mood. They are all kind of songs that I would never hear on the radio anywhere else (which is why I listen to WTMD). It is rare to find a radio station that I can connect with in today's day and age.

* "Junior" by Widespread Panic
* "Reba," by Phish
* "Codeine," by Trampled By Turtles
* "In The Kitchen," by Umphrey's McGee
* "Girlfriend Is Better," by Talking Heads

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chesterfrazier said...

Mr. Spaceman – The Byrds
The House at Pooneil Corners- Jefferson Airplane
After the Gold Rush- Neil Young
Wooden ships- CSN
Starship- Jefferson Starship

There’s a Sci-fi theme connecting these songs and the various interconnections between the musicians who play on the songs. The first song is whimsical number form the Byrds about ETs. The last four songs start with a nuclear holocaust, as imaged by the Jefferson Airplane from their album Crown of Creation. Neil Young’s reverie concerns sitting in burn out basement waiting for the silver space ships to come. CSN escapes the nuclear devastation on sail ships; Wooden Ships was also covered by the Jefferson Airplane on Volunteers. Finally, Paul Kanter reinvented the Jefferson Airplane as the Jefferson Spaceship. One whole side of the album, Blows Against the Empire, is a hippie sci-fi fantasy about hijacking star ships to escape into space with hydroponic gardens, never aging in zero-gravity, only if it were true. David Crosby played with the Bryds, CSN, and Neil Young joined CSN. Both Crosby and Nash sing on Blows Against the Empire, a great album though probably over looked now 39 years later. The album also features members of the Grateful Dead, and Jerry Garcia played pedal steel on Volunteers. As a footnote Blows Against the Empire was nominated for a Hugo science fiction award.