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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mix Tape Thursday, 9/3/09

WTMD listeners--and featured artists from this year's Virgin Mobile Freefest--take over the airwaves with three-to-five song sets on Thursday.

9 a.m. Krystal Boeren

First of all, I am thankful to a station that is as passionate as local music as its patrons. I've chosen to dedicate my mix tape to local artists that are inspired by our city, and captivate us accordingly.

I am a third generation Baltimorean and Paul Masson's "My Girl Baltimore," is a beautiful testimony to a city that keeps calling me back. Paul's soulful voice and Tom Hnatow's beautiful petal steel blend together in a hauntingly honest portrait of a man coming home to the city he loves.

Being a fan of Hnatow's petal steel work, I've chosen These United States "Everything Touches Everything," the single from their new highly anticipated release. Jesse's voice is vibrant and strong yet playful, giving us a taste of what's to come.

Lastly, I've chosen Caleb Stine's "Comes From the West." Caleb is an extraordinary storyteller with insight beyond his years. This track exemplifies Caleb's born nature to roam, but never stray. And simply put, the melody of the song is infectious.

* " My Girl Baltimore," by Paul Masson
* "
Everything Touches Everything " by These United States
* "
Comes From the West," by Caleb Stine

11 a.m. Jet’s Cameron Muncey & Mark Wilson from Freefest

* "
This is Radio Clash," by The Clash
* "
No You Girls," by Franz Ferdinand
* "
Cross-eyed and Painless," by The Talking Heads
* "
I Wanna Make It Witchu," by Queens of the Stone Age
* "
Wanderlust King," by Gogol Bordello

1 p.m. Franz Ferdinand’s Nick McCarthy and Bob Hardy

* "
Randy Describes Eternity," by Built to Spill
* "Califonia Shake," by Margot Guryan
* "My Shadow," by Jay Reatard
* "Radio Ladio," by Metronomy
* "Xmas Steps," by Mogwai

5 p.m. Rennie Twigg

It's all about the name....

* "Number with No Name," by Ben Harper
* "Different Names for the Same Thing," by Death Cab for Cutie
* "You Can Call Me Al," by Paul Simon

7 p.m. Jeremy Stark

* "Via Chicago," by Wilco

Our generation's Bob Dylan is Jeff Tweedy. "Via Chicago" is what would happen if the Beatles "A Day in the Life" were to feature Dylan.

* "Take Me to the River," by Talking Heads

David Byrne is originally from the area and his music isn’t played enough around here! Classic cover!

* "
Where R U?," by 3Fifths

One of Baltimore's best if not the best. The emotion of singer/songwriter Tim Nodar is unmatched here in one track off of their first studio album Did You? This band blends funk and amazing musicality with really well written songs.

* "Cemetery Walk," by Umphrey’s McGee

What a great song for summer from one of the premier bands jammin’ these days.

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