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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mark Olson Flies High on Morning Sessions

Tune in at 9:20 a.m. Friday as The Jayhawks co-founder Mark Olson returns to WTMD to perform selections from his new album Many Colored Kite. 

In 1995 Olson
 walked away from The Jayhawks during the height of the band's commercial success.  The subsequent decade found him teaming up with his wife Victoria Williams for a series of albums rooted in folk and country music. 

"I've always been trying to find the weird world between folk and rock," he says. "The idea with folk music is that you can just pick up and go; you play anywhere, anytime. Rock is a little more difficult because you have to manage the logistics of drums and amps and everything. So, there’s a strange world in between the two that, I think, is wide open."

After divorcing Williams in 2005, Olson reu
nited with Jayhawks co-founder Gary Louris for a couple short tours. Last year the duo released Ready For the Flood, and there are talks of a full-fledged Jayhawks reunion. 

We got together three times in this past year, specifically to work up some songs," Olson says. "Now I feel we have a good batch, so the next step is to record them. We’re just getting that in motion now. We’re hoping to make a Jayhawks record . . . . that will come out next year."

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