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Thursday, January 13, 2011

WTMD Renovates Program Schedule

Hey Everyone,

WTMD is making some big changes to our program schedule based on the listener surveys we've conducted over the past three years.  Thanks for filling them out and helping us program the station.

The new schedule includes 16 new hours hosted by one of our DJs or is a new national program.  

Some Highlights:

  • We've added a new DJ to our weekday line up.  Listeners told us local DJs are the most important part of our schedule and Scott Mullins hosts Noon to 3 pm. Tyler moves to 9 am to Noon.  You might have guessed some of our current DJs will have shorter shows.  That's a good thing!  They'll be preparing new program segments and hosting weekend shows too!
  • Don Rogers takes you to the Witching Hour Monday through Thursday from 10 pm to Midnight
  • Weasel gets a repeat broadcast Fridays from 7 to 10 pm.  The Roadhouse and Altered Fridays move to Saturdays (yep, it's now called the Saturday Alternative!).
  • World Cafe moves to 7 pm Monday through Thursday.  Listeners told us moving this show to evenings would have no effect on the amount of listening to WTMD. The show is also available on line at worldcafe.npr.org anytime.
  • WTMD's Jam Band Line Up moves to Sunday Night starting with the recognized expert-Bug!  Stuck in the Jam starts at 9 pm then The Grateful Dead Hour and Keller's Cellar.
Here's a PDF of the full program schedule you can print out or send to your mobile.

  • The Dirty Soul Party is about music listeners feel…from the waist down!  Every week it will feature a saucy bump and grind blend of vintage designed to get listeners off the couch and on the dance floor.  The DSP is played mostly from the original 45s, hand-mixed into a gritty night of funky floor shakers.  The Dirty Soul Party airs Saturdays from 9 pm to Midnight.

  • Mat the Cat’s Juke in the Back showcases the unknown rhythm and blues tracks that gave birth to modern rock n’ roll.  Listeners can join Mat for this journey back in time every Friday night at 10 pm on WTMD. 

  • The Weekly Feed brings the newest, most discussed tracks making news in the blogosphere to the airwaves every Wednesday night.  Kyle Meredith will guide listeners through a musical detective story with surprise call-ins from known and unknown artists each week.  The Weekly Feed is the crystal ball into what is going to happen in music next and airs Wednesdays at 9 pm.


Abe said...

Reggae Rhythms?

Anonymous said...

Is this THE Mat the Cat???? He is the best DJ ever!!!!

elaine2810 said...

Very cool! The new shows sound really interesting and I'm thrilled the new time slot will allow me to hear World Cafe when it's actually broadcast. This is so exciting -- great work, guys!!

Anonymous said...

The Roadhouse (and the Uptown Blues Party before it) was a great way to kickoff the weekend. I will miss not having it there on Friday nights.

Anonymous said...

Attn: Scott Mullins
or Administrator:
Please post a PDF with the Febuary and March Program Schedules.
I would prefur that a link to it be posted on the WTMD main page.

Craig said...

The more Weasel the better

Craig said...

The more Weasel the better!