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Thursday, January 25, 2007

What the Hell Are They Talking About?

Aside from Jimi Henrix's PURPLE HAZE ("'scuze me while I kiss (this guy?) the sky"), there's a ton of songs whose lyrics are a bit hard to discern...and still more tunes where you're left wondering: just what the hell where they talking about? I still can't wrap my arms around Manfred Man's BLINDED BY THE LIGHT ("wrapped up like a," what...exactly?). Here are my top 5 "What The Hell Are They Talking About?" songs.

1. The Kingsmen- Louie Louie (click on the song for one person's fun interpretation of the ultimate "What the Hell?" song).
2. REM- Wendell Gee (take your pick of the intoxicatingly mumbly early Michael Stipe litter, but this one always befuddled me).
3. Manfred Mann- Blinded By the Light
4. Elton John- Solar Prestige' a Gammon (such delicious non-sensical excess on CARIBOU- this song is, perhaps, BernieTaupin's most bizarre lyrical moment).
5. Cocteau Twins- Caroyln's Fingers (would fit in well with the gibberish of the fake Cirque de Soleil language.

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