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Thursday, March 22, 2007

I've Found My Summer Record!

We got an advance copy of Traffic and Weather from Fountains of Wayne the other day.
WOW this is the record I'll be listening to all summer long. Deliciously juvenile, Traffic and Weather details the love, lust and infatuation on the highways, at the airports and any other mode of travel you might imagine.

Remember your first car? '92 Subaru is all about the teenage pride of your first tricked out, impress the gang symbol of America. This song alone took me back to my teenage days and my '76 Grand Prix SJ with Burgundy Velour Buckets, a 440-Four Barrel, and 8-Track and Moon Roof.

Musically, you'll find every Modern Rock cliche delightfully mixed into a frenzy of energy that's gonna get you moving, chanting, and feeling dang good all summer long. I'm already lobbying Mike to make Traffic and Weather a CD of the Week. You all just got to hear this record! Its hits the stores on April 3rd and you should pre-order this one or get on a waiting list somewhere because the sooner you get it, the sooner your summer will begin!


joyce said...

From the songs I have heard so far,this is going to be one fantastic album.It might even rival Welcome interstate Managers,one of my all time favorite albums.I think Fountains of Wayne are GREAT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is the BEST album I've heard in a long time! I listened to it for over 20 times in 2 weeks and I can''t get enough of it! Someone to love (THE summer hit of 2007), Michael and Heather at the bag (Awesome!), Strapped for ca$h (speechless)... To all of you: Just go get the album!!!

The Netherlands