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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Guest Blogger Drew's Amazing Experience

Something remarkable happened to WTMD listener Drew the other night and we asked to tell us about it...Here's Drew....

Last week my friend Adam and I scored tickets to see Robert Randolph & the Family Band at the Recher Theatre in Maryland. It was an invite-only show, sponsored by Jack Daniels. So we headed to Towson on a chilly evening with our friends Julie and Phil in tow.

We arrived early and got right in the front row of the crowd for the show. Midway through, Robert strapped on a guitar and then looked out into the audience and pointed at his guitar. He glanced in my direction and I must’ve given some sort of gesture that indicated “oh please, pick me”, because he gave me the nod.

I hopped up on stage, and their roadie handed me a Gibson Les Paul guitar. I shook hands with Robert and asked him what key they were playing in. He yelled back “A!” and then we were off and rolling. I have been playing guitar for 9 years and performing publicly for over a year, but of course nothing prepared me for that experience. To be sitting in with Robert and his band, just like Eric Clapton has...well, it was surreal.

For 3 incredible minutes, I wasn't a programmer analyst in the healthcare industry; I was a rockstar. I can barely remember what I played up there, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it. At the end, Robert introduced me at the mic and I took a bow, and then practically floated off the stage. An unforgettable evening.
Thanks to Jim C. for the photo of Drew on Stage with Robert


Michael said...

Hey Drew,

Congrats on your performance! I am the guy with the dreadlocs that got on stage after you!! The sound was great on that stage, and the crowd was amazing.

Hey, I would love a photo of me on stage if you happen to know the photographer who took your picture. Maybe there is a photo floating around that I can get my hands on.

Take care,

Drew said...

Hey Michael,

Sorry, unfortunately I think the only picture the guy had from that song was of me. You might want to try emailing the Jack Daniels Studio 7 folks though--I am also checking with but haven't heard back yet.

Also, they might put up event photos from the B'more show here: http://jdstudiono7.com/livefromsn7/pastphoto_bloom.htm.