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Monday, April 30, 2007

WTMD's Web Stream Could Be Stopped

Hey Music people... Its Bug again.. wow 2 blogs in 2 weeks this must be important, and it is.. Recently at the station we have had a few small discussions about a new Fee that could change internet radio as we know it. In the past few months the Copyright Royalty Board has endorsed a plan by the RIAA (Record Idusrty Assosciation of America) to impose fees for internet streaming. Many radio stations and buisnesses that use streaming technology are argueing that they will not gain nough revenue from these streams to keep them running. We are all learning about this as it is happening. I have found a couple articles from various sources that explain a little about whats going on.





This is a huge issue and i wanted to make some infomation available so everyone can get an idea of what this means for internet radio.

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