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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Autumn Defense- A Great Band Within a Great Band

I'm starting to count the days till the Wilco show at Merriweather Post (6/21). I cannot wait to hear Jeff and the boys play the new songs from SKY BLUE SKY- Jeff has said how absolutely happy he is with the finished product and that this album has been more of a band effort, a collaborative process, than previous Wilco records. And its no wonder. With the avant garde edginess of Nels Cline on guitar, the subtle thunder of Glenn Kotche's drumming and heavy contributions from multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone and longtime bassist John Stirratt...Jeff has surrounded himself with the most talented players since he worked with Jay Farrar in Uncle Tupelo. Pat and John recently put out their third album as the THE AUTUMN DEFENSE- a project that pays homage to sunny and meditative 60's and 70's rock. It's California sunset music and it's one of my favorite albums this year, so far (alongside Wilco, Vietnam, Tim Finn and ALO). Check out this acoustic performance of WINTERLIGHT. That's Pat Sansone on the left and John Stirratt on the right.


bigshoulders said...


So how was the show at Merriweather? I caught them at Charlotte the night before (20-JUN) and just was blown away at how tight they are sounding these days.


Erik said...

The show was amazing! The new songs were moving, the old songs took on heightened drama and the three encores rocked! I saw Wilco's current lineup twice in Austin and I was blown away by where they were taking the music. Now, to paraphrase Jeff, the music seems to be "everyone's from now on."