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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's the scariest "song" of all time?

When I was a kid, my friend and I used to open up my bedroom window and crank The Beatles' "Revolution 9" on Halloween. Didn't need any typical haunted house music to frighten the trick or treaters and certainly the "Monster Mash" was best left for the dance floor.

No, the "tale" of the alleged death of Paul McCartney (most debunked urban legend of all time, but the Beatles had fun messing with us just the same- AND thanks to that, we have Death Cab For Cutie) from a car accident scared us out of our wits! My hair still stands up when I hear the train conductor from hell, emphatically announcing, "number nine, number nine, number nine." Of course, what he's really saying backwards is "turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man." I think the sound of ghoulish car horn and the fire are the worst parts for me.

I mean, any song that supposedly inspired Charles Manson has got to be THE scariest song of all time. So if you want a good Halloween scare, check out this video of reversed REVOLUTION NINE with subtitles. Be sure to turn out the lights!

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