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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

U2 Surrender All at Red Rocks

Last night's awful Ravens game in Pittsburgh was matched equally only by the awful weather. It was pouring sheets of rain and fog shrouded Heinz Field. But, trying to look at the glass half full despite the pitiful outcome for my favorite football team, last night's weather coupled with a rabid crowd got me to thinking about my favorite live album of all time, UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY.

Fog and a cold rain enveloped Red Rocks Amphitheater on June 5, 1983, the day four Irish lads took the stage amidst lighted torches and an eager crowd, and blasted out one of the most passionate performances ever recorded in rock and roll history. In fact Rolling Stone named U2's Red Rock performance as one of the "50 Moments That Changed Rock and Roll."

Though, only two of the songs taped at Red Rocks actually made the album, the video of the show captured U2 at the cusp of being something way more than four guys banging on instruments. Plus, it gave us the Bono Mullet.

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Shelley said...

You just made my day - I was just 15 again for a few minutes...gotta go find that album. Seriously, thanks!