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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Years of Powerful Songs

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. Whatever your views are on the war, it's hard to disagree that many talented songwriters have created inspired time capsules that a generation from now will look back on, much the same way we revisit the soundtrack to the Vietnam era.

Here's one from my favorite album last year, SIRENS OF THE DITCH. Jason Isbell has a way with the pen, with words that convey nothing partisan- just evocative phrases that capture life in its purest form- whether the hurt from a divorce, an experience with a Mrs. Robinson-like love, or capturing the hurt and love a small town feels for its fallen soldier. Jason has a way of encapsulating the American experience and DRESS BLUES does that in the most moving and profound of ways (just the line "American boys hate to lose" seems to say it all). It's less a protest than a tribute to a friend, a Marine. The music leaves it to us to interpret whether Matt would do it all over again.

What songs that relate to the war have moved you the past five years?

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aims said...

Definitely Will Hoge's Bible vs. Gun would top the list! Thanks for the video of Dress Blues, it's another one my favorites.