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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two From Tuesday


It’s another big week in new music. Step inside to check out some new and worthwhile material. It was an interesting show last night. I had music from around the world (France & Malta) and from across the USA. (Plymouth, Maine; Denver, Colorado, Brooklyn, New York) That diversity shows in the varied style and pace of the show. Let’s jump in.

Easily my favorite this week is Devotchka. These guys are fantastic. Their sound moves from gypsy folk to alternative to intellectual rock; resembling the Blue Nile. I was a big fan of their 1984 release A WALK ACROSS THE ROOFTOPS. That album had “Stay,” “Tinsel Town In The Rain” and “Heatwave.” I played “The Clockwise Witness” but I had several choices such as: “Basso Profundo” and “Transliterator.” Good Stuff. I really enjoyed the strings and horns along with the cleverly layered arrangements. They will be stopping in at the 930 Club in DC on May 16th. You can check them out for yourself.

A close second is the new one by The Rustic Overtones. They are a rock/jazz/funk septet from Maine active from 1993-2002, that recently reunited. The positive outcome of that reunion is the album LIGHT AT THE END. Sometimes they sound like Dave Mathews; sometimes Brett Dennen, but it is a nice collection of tunes. They have an East Coast tour planned with stops in our area that include the 8x10 on March 27th; The Santa Fe Café, in College Park on the 29th, then over to Arlington, VA for a gig at the Iota on the 31st. Plenty of options. I played “Troublesome.” It’s a great song and download worthy. And check out “Valentine’s Day Massacre,” they changed the album’s pace on this one and added the thoughtful touch of female back up voices. Well done.

Catch it all live Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM on 89.7.

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