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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players Turn Memories Into Sweet Music

Witty, kitchy, vaudeville-style inde rock is one way to decribe, at least, the music of the Trachtenberg Family (Dad Jason on guitar and vocals, Mom Tina on vocals and sixteen-year-old Rachael on drums and vocals).

But, what you see at a Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players show (which drops by the Ottobar Wednesday night) is an enteriely surreal experience.

Vintage slides culled from anoymous strangers at estate sales are shown on a screen as the music hilariously and often movingly tells their stories.

I'll chat with Jason on the TMD Morning Show Wed. at around 820am!

In the meantime, check out what the incredible, edible egg meant to some people from the 70's. It looks similar to some of my Easter egg hunts!

and let's take a Mountain Trip to Japan!

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