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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Toto's Favorite Number

Maybe it's 30....as in the millions of records they've sold over a four decade plus career.

But, I'd like to think it's number "99" (which I have a bit of an obsession with: Luftbaloons, Agent, "gonna party like it's...", etc.).

Or maybe it's 4. Or IV. As in the Toto album that gave us "Rosanna" (how many great songs were inspired by Rosanna Arquette? Just pop in Peter Gabriel's US and you'll get an idea- although, it's debatable as to whether or not Toto's was) , "Africa" and the very underrated, cheese-tastic "I Know I Won't Hold You Back."

I wore out IV when it came out on cassette. I thought Toto was all mine, save for the aforementioned song. Then David Paich's "Africa" slowly blew up and these session wunderkinds belonged to everybody.

And now you, because you voted them in at 802. Maybe 4 would have been pushing it?

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