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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mix Tape Thursday, 7/1/09

WTMD listeners take over the airwaves with three-to-five song sets on Thursday.

6 a.m. David Ziffer

In honor of Weezer, one of this year's Freefest performers, and their debut album, "The Blue Album", I've included a song from that album, a track from 311's self-titled debut, also known as "The Blue Album," and The Beatles' "Blue Album, 1967-1970."

* "My Name is Jonas," by Weezer
* "All Mixed Up," by 311
* "Across the Universe," by The Beatles

8 a.m. Kathy Marr

There are artists I heard for the first time on WTMD and songs that moved me deeply.

* "Forever My Friend," by Ray Lamontagne
* "Be Here Now," by Mason Jennings
* "Pride," by Daniella Cotton
* "You Dance," by East Mountain South
* "Gravity," by Bob Sima

10 a.m. Mary Zajac
A while ago, David Dye had Moby choose a Top 5 on the World Cafe. Moby's theme was "5 Songs That Would Sound Good in a Desolate Parking Lot of an Abandoned Factory at 4 AM." This is my take on that theme.

* "Over the Hillside," by The Blue Nile
* "All I Need," by Radiohead
* "Love Letter," by Nick Cave
* "For the Turnstiles," by Neil Young
* "Famous Blue Raincoat," by Leonard Cohen

12 p.m. Susan Atwell-Keister

Songs of freedom and America for the 4th of July

* "Freedom," by Melissa Ferrick
* "America," from West Side Story
* "This Land Is Your Land," by Woody Guthrie
* "Free Fallin'," by Tom Petty

4 p.m. Melissa Artnak

This is a, hopefully, not too sappy, but still pretty endearing mix tape that is a modern variant on the "I Like You" mix tapes we are all guilty of making as teens.

All of the songs have a summery feel, so the title written on the label of this cassette could be "Grown-up Summer Camp Love Songs," if that's not too cheesy.

* "Rave On," by M. Ward
* "Slow Show," by The National
* "French Navy," by Camera Obscura
* "All My Mistakes," by The Avett Brothers

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