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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Greetings From Louisville

Hey everybody! Just got into Louisville for the big Non Commercial Radio Conference and it didn't take long to run into an old friend. Yeah, Brett Dennen! He's hanging out here charming the socks off radio people around the country as he undoubtedly has, you. Brett's still buzzing about the response to last weekend's show at the Recher- but today, he's got on a buzz of a different kind: bourbon. Kentucky, of course, is famous for whiskeys of all kind. Brett and I had a chance to partake in a few beverages of that ilk in the lobby bar of the famous Brown Hotel. Thumbs up from Brett! All in moderation, of course, as this is a work trip for both of us.

Speaking of work...good work...I got a chance to chat with Sarah Borges, Massachusetts bred musician who has the cowpunk sensibilities of X. And it's no wonder she covers the band on her new album DIAMONDS IN THE DARK. She also closes the record with a sweet cover of Tom Wait's BLIND LOVE. But, it's HER songwriting and fronting of the band the BROKEN SINGLES that stand out nicely. It's twangy with a punk rock attitude. Plus, Sarah is one of the most articulate and intelligent individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. Listen for more next week on the TMD Morning Show.

Peace for now.


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