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Friday, May 18, 2007

Where Has Paula Gone?

That's the question many music fans have been asking for years. Paula Cole's talents and intentions have always moved me personally. When I worked out west in the 90's, I started spinning her debut HARBINGER right away. It's her unwavering honesty in lyrics that take anybody whose awkward teenage years that give songs like I'M SO ORDINARY and BETHLEHEM such resonance for any generation. Then, of course, there's the often misunderstood cowboy song that got her the Best New Artist Grammy and that tune that a certain teen tv show played during every episode. But Paula disappeared from the music scene for eight years. We'll find out why Thursday at 9am on the TMD Morning Show. Tune in. Hope the weather is going to be fantastic for Preakness. Peace.


PS. More on The Nightwatchman later.

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