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Friday, May 18, 2007

Tom Waits' Nanny and More...

Hey music lovers!

Had a chance to take in an artist you may be hearing about more in the near future. Her name is Jesca Hoop. She writes non-linear, emotionally wrought songs that may bring to mind what would happen if you took Kate Bush's voice and mixed it Tom Waits' delivery. No wonder, Jesca actually was a nanny for Tom Waits and his wife and songwriting partner, Kathleen Brennan. Tom and Kathleen slowly mentored her and helped get a copy of one of her songs in the right hands (Nic Harcourt). Hear my chat with Jesca next week on the TMD Morning Show.

Also, be on the listen for Keller Williams, Martin Sexton and Paula Cole. Yes, Paula! It's been eight years and its good to hear her play music again.

Peace for now.


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