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Friday, June 22, 2007


Whats happenin... So i actually made it back from the mass gathering of hippies, rockers, Music lovers, and Musicians they call BONNAROO... For this long weekend the small town of Manchester Tennessee had become one of the most populated cities in Tennessee. With crowds ranging from 70 to 100 thousand people Bonnaroo is sure to bring the party. We knew the twelve hour drive was coming to an end when every car we saw had "Bonnaroo or Bust" or "ROO???" written all over their windows with paint. As we approached the site we found ourselves in a ten mile long line on the shoulder of the highway. Ten miles of cars, buses, rv's, and everything else all waiting for one of the biggest music festivals of the summer. Four hours later.. we entered the field .. a sea of cars and tents for as long as you could see... As we pulled into the small rectangular plot of fried grass that would become our home for the next 4 days we knew that we were finally there.

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