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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hogs Breath for Great Music

One last post from Key West.

Hogs Breath is the legendary eating, drinking and live music venue in Key West. The night we went...all 9 of us... I think the duo was Bruce and Red. Yeah, great bloodies and cheap beer...and the best oysters I had in a while. Bruce and Red kept the drinking songs and 70s classic rock covers thick as bbq sauce on the ribs.

Best part is they have the "eve of radio stickers" around the front bar. You'll see stickers from legendary stations from around the country plastered, much like the patrons, just above those patrons head. Many of you know I work pretty much 24/7, but I just don't carry WTMD bumperstickers with me everywhere I go...when I am out of state. So I had to sacrifice my member card!

Please! If you go to key west and Hogs Breath...bring a TMD bumpersticker for their wall and pry the tape off and bring my card Home!

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