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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Fratelli's Kicked Off My Return to CD Stores

I went searching for Costello Music by the Fratelli's this week in a CD store, not iTunes and I'm loving every second on the CD. If you've heard Henrietta or Flathead on the air you probably find yourself singing the chorus to Flathead from time to time...I'm no longer whistling Young Folks...that much.

Flathead has taken over my cellphone as well...there was a little pamphlet in the CD case about purchasing Fratelli's ringtones, I was stoked from the minute I saw that. Sorry Citizen Cope, the Son will Rise another day.

I've been debating iTunes over CD's recently because I purchased the Coconut Records album off iTunes last week so that I could enjoy "West Coast" and the rest of the music while mowing the lawn but when I burned the CD for my car, the quality seemed lost in the making. However, with my Fratelli's CD I imported it into iTunes and now I have great quality wherever I play it. Being a producer I'm a sound freak, everything has to be near perfect, I feel that iTunes doesn't do that for me anymore.

I do listen to my music maxed out on the volume knob because when I like it I love it. So this Fratelli's CD may have kicked up my trend of purchasing CD's not MP3's. The gas and extra $ it costs at the store is worth the CD quality that I feel iTunes may lack in some aspects...especially when it's a great album. Plus, CD's come with cool stuff inside these days.

Cary Brothers mentioned before Morning Sessions about his album artwork, if you're going to put the effort of going out and buying the album, I'm going to put the effort in making the album appealing on the outside as well.

My question to you is what is your overall preference, downloaded MP3s or the CD, and more importantly why?

Enjoy this Fratelli's Music Video:

1 comment:

Ed said...

This is a great album, and to be quite frank, I'm surprised TMD hasn't been playing it before.

I hate to say this, but this is a band who I came of by way of, ugh, MTV. They were playing the video during the credits of some show, and I had to get the album. I hate that!

But yeah, this album is REALLY good.

I'll say this though, for as far as I'm concerned, iTunes is just fine. I feel like it's definitely driven my expected price per track down though. I'm not so concerned with the quality as the convenience and the price. Besides, I'd much rather put the money in Apple's pockets than FYE's, although Sound Garden is another story.