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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bob the Paper Guy's Special Delivery

It’s tough to remember most things early in the morning--especially without that first cup of inspiration--but Bob the Paper Guy’s synapses are already firing well before most of us slog out of bed.

He’s been delivering early morning media to the doorsteps of Baltimore County residents for years. During the last few years, Bob's called me during my shift to swap stories about memorable concerts and favorite records. He’s also sent me some great recordings I now treasure, including Christine Perfect’s (later McVee’s) pre-Fleetwod Mac blues band, Chicken Shack.

We thought it’d be fun if Bob recalled some of his musical moments with you. So, if you’re out in the Ruxton area on a Wednesday morning and you see the paper deliveryman talking on a cell phone, he’s not slacking, he’s yakking about musical memories for our new feature Total Recall with Bob the Paper Guy.

Tune in to the Morning Show at 6:20 a.m. Wednesday for the premiere installment as Bob discusses the artist who provided both his best AND worst concert experience.


Anonymous said...

I liked the show this morning.It had me thinking about talking with my friends about past shows we`ve been to while having a few beverages at the local watering hole.
I`m looking forward to the next one on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,I know what you mean.Its fun sitting with my taper buddies talking about shows we`ve recorded.
Its fun when you have to sneak the equipment in.
I`ll check it out.