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Friday, December 15, 2006

Morning Session Memories

One of the best things about being your TMD morning guy, aside, of course, from having the privilige of spinning music for your ride to work, is having musicians in every week for a live performance. I hope you've enjoyed some of the amazing talent that have played MORNING SESSIONS every Friday at 9am. We're so proud to have brought you closer to artists like HEM and James Hunter. Thanks for sharing the ride...and here are just some of my favorite MORNING SESSIONS memories this year.

1. Regina Spektor- She actually chose her album cover for BEGIN TO HOPE right on my computer. I maystill have the ones she discared on my hard drive. E-Bay, anybody?
2. Joesph Arthur- We typically ask artists to perform ONE bonus track to play back on Patchen's Saturday show. Now, Joseph, recorded his one tune, then proceeded to lay down SIX more tracks. Finally, I went into the studio to tell him we, uhh, basically had enough songs. He looked at me and with this child-like, eager grin said, "Oh, you want another one.?" Love that guy!
3. La Rocca- These guys are so much fun. When I was between 9 and 11 years old, I lived in the UK, and while I was there, used to collect these trading cards of football (soccer) players. Well, being Irish boys, they recognized the brand of cards and we proceeded to talk about our favorite players from our childhoods. Very cool moment for me.

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